Crafting With Bamboo Sticks

It's ideal to use bamboo for crafting sticks because of their strength and light weight. Sticks can be bent, tied together, drilled, painted and decorated. The flexibility which is important for bamboo handicrafts makes it ideal material for making puppets, frames, furniture and countless other projects.

Using bamboo for kite poles is a fun and relatively easy project to undertake, and the combination of bamboo and rice paper looks good particularly if you spend time decorating or customizing it. So much more fun can be had from creating your own kite and then seeing it fly. There are several shapes and sizes that you can choose from, and once you've all your materials together you will enjoy the experience of creating your own kite. Bamboo handicrafts cover such a wide spectrum of things that this wonderful material can be used for.

Wooden sticks are often used to make bamboo flutes. It's hollow interior means it's possible to drill holes down the full extent of the stick, allowing you to blow into the flute whilst placing your fingers over the holes in any way you wish to get the desired effect. Bamboo sticks crafted for this purpose will need to be sanded down so as to avoid splinters when you blow into the flute.

Bamboo Flute

A bamboo photo frame makes for an attractive way in which to display your family photos. Once you've decided on the size of the frame you'd like, you can then cut the sticks into the sizes needed. Glue them together to form the shape and then place specially prepared sticks of bamboo along the back of the frame to cover the entire back to give the frame stability. You're then ready to place the photo of your choice onto the sticks inside the frame.

Many young boys will know the thrill of making their own bamboo fly rods for fishing with a length of bamboo and once again it's a relatively easy thing to do.

Once you become adept at using bamboo sticks for various projects, the range of bamboo craft ideas you can make for yourself becomes endless. A garden umbrella can be quite expensive to buy, but can be made by yourself. It may require some patience and experience in handling bamboo, but it's certainly well worth the effort for those interesting in using their skills.

Bamboo Sticks for Crafts

A great deal of garden furniture is made out of bamboo, and there's nothing to stop you creating your own outdoor bamboo furniture dining area. A simple garden table using bamboo is something the whole family can become involved in, and will create many hours of enjoyment knowing you've crafted it with your own hands.

It's possible to make baskets, mats, pots, eating utensils and so much more from this wonderful eco friendly material, and there are courses you can take to hone your skill and use bamboo handicrafts to fill your home with all sorts of wonderful objects.

Bamboo wind chimes

Making bamboo wind chimes will save you money and give you the opportunity to add a magical element to your garden. You can paint and decorate it or leave it in it's natural state, the choice is yours.

Wind chimes are considered to have a soothing effect as well as being pleasing to the eye. They're rather popular pieces of bamboo decor which once installed will give you years of pleasure. The wind blowing through a wind chime makes the kind of music that can give flight to your imagination, and make you feel at peace.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

A quick and easy to make wind chime consists of two or three lengths of bamboo cane, some string and all you'll need is a saw, a small drill, and maybe a metal or plastic ring.

By cutting the bamboo into various lengths it will produce different tones. There are plenty of designs to be found online, and you can obviously use these to create your own masterpiece. Always make sure you balance your finished bamboo chimes properly to avoid it getting tangled together, and then sit back and enjoy both the sight and sound of your masterpiece.

Crafting with bamboo opens the door to endless opportunities to create wonderful personal designs and features in your home and garden.