Cheap Bamboo Sticks Ideas & Inspirations

Bamboo is a perennial evergreen in the true grass family, and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. With its hard wood and hollow stems Bamboo has many uses both as a food source and as hard wearing construction material. It has been used to build bridges, craft boats and airplanes and is one of the best renewable resources on the planet.

For gardeners, bamboo sicks are invaluable in helping to stabilize and train plants of varying heights. They are used in greenhouses and nurseries, and provide an excellent backdrop for the spectacular display of climbing plants.

Sticks of bamboo are also used to contain tall growing vegetables, and to shield them from predators and protect them from the elements.

Bamboo massage sticks are becoming popular amongst therapists who use them as an extension of their hands. The smooth warm sticks can help to give a deep penetrating massage and provides a warm soothing effect on the body's tissues. By stretching the muscles it helps the patient to relax and gives them a sense of well being.

In the home bamboo can be placed in vases for an effective display, or placed on shelves or tables in a decorative way. They can be painted in a color to suit your decor and can be contrasted with soft flowing leaves, plants or materials to add an interesting aspect to any room. It can add an earthy feel to a home whilst at the same time complementing modern furniture. Some of the wooden bamboo sticks for sale can also be used to create dinnerware, jewelry and handbags.

Versatile Bamboo Poles

Bamboo poles are used both in large construction as well as decorative items for the home. This environmentally friendly material is attractive and can provide excellent flooring or furniture for your home. Bamboo home furniture and flooring is used daily in many homes throughout the world.

Bamboo Poles

In the garden, bamboo poles are used to produce attractive gazebos and fencing, which adds a touch of class to the surrounding area.

Ideas For Bamboo canes

Once again bamboo canes are mostly used in the garden. Decorative trellis work can be achieved using these canes, and because they are infestation free are ideal to use when growing delicate flower specimens. They can also easily be bent to make a wigwam, or hooped over areas where you want to protect plants from toppling.

Bamboo Canes

Bamboo Stakes Benefits

Bamboo stakes are extremely strong and ideal for giving necessary support to trees. They are more attractive that using wooden stakes and can give a young tree all the stability it needs.

Bamboo Stakes

Bamboo is a truly adaptable and useful material to use both for aesthetic purposes and in the pursuance of good health. Bamboo sticks are a great idea to enhance your home or garden, or to bring the five important elements into your house. They're something that will certainly give you a great deal of pleasure and become a topic of conversion amongst guests.